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Message from the President of Telefónica in Chile

I want to give you the warmest welcome to Telefónica Chile and to the Telefónica Chile’s International Excellence R&D Center.

One year ago or so, we imagined a collaboration project along with Corfo and the Universidad del Desarrollo University: the creation of an International Excellence Research and Development Center in Chile. The dream we had in that time was opening a center for innovation, collaboration and creativity with international standards, the first in the country related to Information and Telecommunication technologies.

This center was born having in mind the idea of leveraging the opportunity the Government of Chile gave us and the need of developing and deploying Internet of Things technologies in the country. Likewise, it was born with the aim of creating the digital solutions we will be using within the next 20 years.

Our idea is facing the challenges we continuously face from the technical, social and cultural standpoints hand by hand with technology, in an increasingly digital environment. Today, we are facing a changing social, political and economical environment: None of the certainties we had before give a comprehensive answer to the challenges of current times. In this context, the innovation plays a key role in the development of society, since it enables us to increase competitiveness of the country through the generation of new growth opportunities which are translated into employment, as well as into value that creates sustainability.

In Telefónica, we are not newbies regarding innovation and entrepreneurship. At global level, we have created Telefónica Open Future, a global entrepreneurship ecosystem as to support the generation of emerging companies that aims to expand through public-private sector alliances around innovation, concretely contributing to the development of countries our company has presence at.

In Chile, we play a key role: For more than five years we have been supporting local ideas to become into big applicable projects, being able to escalate worldwide. Currently, we have different initiatives focused on the different stages of entrepreneurship, such as the main entrepreneurship center, the largest startup company accelerator, and a development model for digital partners, among others.

As relevant players of the innovation ecosystem, we have identified that networking and open platforms are increasingly needed for new project creation, boosting the development of digital solutions the world needs, both today as well as in the future. This vision, plus a strong internal innovation culture and the experience of our diverse initiatives in Chile and the World, enables us to materialize this project and really making true the dream we had little time ago.

We are not newbies in R&D, either. In Spain, Telefónica R&D turned 25 years old, which gives us an excellent opportunity to share and access to a large portion of the experience and knowledge our Spanish mates have already developed. For that reason, our center in Chile will work under a network and will leverage the results from other nine Telefónica R&D centers worldwide, as to contribute and facilitate the development of new products and services.



I am very proud of kicking off this great project, which is fully aligned with this company. Our vision is being a digital telecommunication company, which means having solutions making technology closer to people, their communities and organizations; responding to their interest, and overall, being ahead to their needs in an innovative and timely fashion.


 Claudio Muñoz, President of Telefónica Chile.

About the ICE Telefónica R&D in Chile

The project

The Implementation of the International Centre of Excellence for Research and Development is a public-private initiative which aims to design and put into operation an R + D + i centre under the management, administration and corporate control of Telefónica in Chile, whose mission is to generate advanced technology solutions that improve productivity and efficiency of the domestic industry and improve the quality of life of people.

Our focus

The International Centre of Excellence Telefónica I + D, aims to develop digital solutions that translate into products and services that will market over the next 20 years, using the environment of innovation and cross-venture company. The Center will lead the development of new technology with focus on the digital world and the Internet of Things, creating applications and services for Smart Cities and Smart Industries based on open platforms and collaborative models of work and research.

Main working R&D areas

We develop projects in the following areas:

    • Mining
    • Agriculture
    • Cities

More about us


Our goal is establishing an International R&D Center in Chile advocated to research, development, technological transfer and commercialization activities in boundary areas, technologically speaking, with high economic impact both national as well as international; strengthening national R&D capabilities. 

Key Areas

Our initial focus will be improving productivity and competitiveness of the national industry and improving people’s quality of life. That is why we will seek challenges in mining, agribusiness, and cities.

Smart_ ecosystem

We are aware that we cannot address the challenges we are committed to resolve on our own. We are encouraged for developing and jointly-developing along with the Chilean and international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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